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CaiKoteTM 44, #K-CK44-G

Conductive Silver Coating for most surfaces (rubber, epoxy, glass, plastic). It is ideal for repairing membrane buttons, keyboard buttons, and other carbon/silver based surfaces. It may also be used as a coating for shielding (EMI) of electronics.

Similar products on the market are more expensive, and have multiple containers requiring mixing prior to application. The CaiKoteTM 44 is applied in one step, allowed to dry and is ready for service.


Repairs membrane buttons, keyboard buttons and other carbon-based surfaces. Shielding of electronics. May be mixed with the CircuitWriterTM conductive (silver/nickel based) ink to acquire the best sheet resistance for each application.


There are no cautions known, but we always recommend testing in large scale use. Apply the product carefully. Do not allow it to remain on a surface NOT being treated, particularly plastic. Once it has dried, it is quite difficult to remove.

CaiKoteTM 44 Kit, silver-based, 1.0 grams

Part No. K-CK44-G (1 gram)

Price: $9.95
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* PRICING NOTE: Due to the extreme fluctuation in silver costs, prices subject to change. Please contact us ( or one of our distributors for current price - prices can change daily.

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